Computer Systems Analyst

Bethesda, Maryland
Work Type: Full Time

Nextonic is seeking a highly ambitious, adaptable, structured, and detail-oriented Computer Systems Analyst to join our vibrant team at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) supporting the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) located in Rockville, MD.


  • Work products and documents related to supporting NIMH researchers and other staff in maintaining the NIMH internet and intranet websites and OSPPC SharePoint site using appropriate technologies and methods, and posting scientific documents and other material on the NIMH websites.
  • Work products and documents related to managing NIMH webmaster requests, triaging requests to team members and external web coding contracts, and reviewing and approving materials for publishing to production.
  • Work products and documents related to converting documents to HTML and PDF files, converting and publishing scientific content in various formats, and distributing scientific and non-scientific documents. 
  • Work products and documents related to updating web content; ensuring that NIMH websites comply with Section 508 standards; checking web pages for accessibility issues and suggesting steps for remediation.
  • Work products and documents related to maintaining the NIMH YouTube Channel, uploading videos, and creating 508-compliant captions.
  • Work products and documents related to website analytics reports and updating JavaScript code for analytics. 
  • Work products and documents related to updating SASS/CSS and JavaScript code. 
  • Work products and documents related to checking NIMH websites for broken links, performance issues, and suggesting fixes. 
  • Work products and documents related to staying informed on emerging trends in web technologies, especially those in use at NIMH, to provide maximum web support; staying informed on federal government, HHS, NIH, and NIMH standards, policies, and procedures applicable to web development.

Work Details:

  • Provides technical experience needed to perform analyses, processing and user support of various computer systems using standard statistical procedures and techniques.
  • Collaborate with the Office of Science Policy, Planning, and Communications (OSPPC) leadership, technical staff, content creators, and other stakeholders to enhance usability, accessibility, and performance of NIMH’s digital communications.
  • Follow standard operating procedures (SOPs) for digital communications requests.
  • Review/edit SOPs based on experience following them and feedback from stakeholders. Recommend and formulate SOPs as appropriate.
  • Triage and complete incoming requests for updates to the NIMH internet, intranet, and OSPPC SharePoint sites.
  • Collaborate with team members and external contractors to complete work.
  • Enter requests into a ticketing system, monitor their status, and close appropriately.
  • Assist NIMH researchers and other institute staff to update the NIMH internet and intranet websites using NIMH digital publishing platforms (Drupal for internet and SharePoint for intranet).
  • Post scientific documents and other complex materials on the NIMH website in a timely manner and in accordance with Section 508 requirements.
  • Review HTML code from external contractors to ensure it complies with relevant standards and is suitable for publishing.
  • Utilize approved third-party services (e.g., EventBrite, etc.) to support the distribution of NIMH information.
  • Write and modify JavaScript and SASS/CSS to support website functionality.
  • Manage a local development environment (Lando/Docker running on Linux) and push JavaScript/CSS code from that environment to Git/GitHub.
  • Use IntelliJ to interact with local development environment and code HTML/CSS/JavaScript.
  • Ensure integrity and availability of NIMH web pages. Routinely run scans for site performance and broken links. Work with team to resolve issues.
  • Use the Drupal content management system (CMS) to update the NIMH internet website and SharePoint to update the NIMH intranet website.
  • Understand Section 508 requirements as they pertain to digital information and evaluate NIMH websites for compliance with those requirements and standards. This may involve using third-party monitoring tools. Suggest remediation steps for non-compliant materials.
  • Maintain the NIMH YouTube Channel; upload videos; create 508-compliant captions.
  • Generate routine and ad hoc website analytics reports using Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, and other software/services. Establish and maintain analytics tracking to monitor performance, traffic, etcetera. Write JavaScript to support Google Analytics data collection.
  • Maintain and share comprehensive working knowledge of trends in web languages (CSS/JavaScript best practices) and technology stacks (Drupal, SharePoint, internal search engines like Solr, survey tools like Touchpoint) to provide maximum web support to the NIMH.
  • Maintain and share comprehensive working knowledge of Federal government, HHS, NIH, and NIMH standards, policies, procedures, and best practices applicable to web development and other digital communications.
  • Attend meetings and collaborate with staff on web development projects.
  • Sets up and uses various computer systems and software packages.
  • Compiles and manages data and assists with quality control.
  • Produces various reports, graphs and figures for presentation.
  • Trains users in applying systems and analysis methods.
  • Maintains systems software as well as hardware and security configurations.
  • Maintains interface software between multiple computer environments to ensure smooth operation and communication.
  • Develops new programs and systems as needed.
  • Coordinates data storage and mining


  • Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, Computer Sciences, or related discipline
  • Knowledge of image editing and optimization, site performance measurement and optimization, Google Analytics, basic web design, mobile and desktop web browsers, and general knowledge of the web development cycle.
  • Ability to code HTML.
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Experience using Drupal 8/9 strongly preferred.
  • Knowledge of Section 508 standards for digital materials.
  • Ability to edit images with Adobe Photoshop.
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively organize, prioritize, and execute multiple tasks in a deadline-driven environment.
  • Ability to solve problems as they arise and show strong attention to detail.
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